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Virtual Assistant

How would you like to outsource to someone who could handle those dozens of little things that divert you from your real business? Our amazing female virtual assistants will keep your to-do list from overflowing!

Every business owner can benefit from hiring a personal assistant, who can free up precious time for more important things. 

These organizational magicians can take care of everything from emails to events. They relieve you of time-consuming, mundane tasks, letting you focus on the most profitable work.

Skilled female virtual assistants adapt quickly to the changing times and technology – they’re super-fast learners. Most PAs and VAs are quite flexible in their tasks, too, and have experience in a variety of industries.

Our female virtual assistants are eager to help and excited to take on projects. It's crucial to find people who don't just focus on the direct tasks, but want to understand your job and workload, so they can help you as well as possible. 

Female virtual assistant skills

Virtual and executive assistants perform tasks such as:

  • Serving as a first point of contact by handling correspondence and phone calls.

  • Managing emails and organizing meetings and appointments. Many PAs control access to the manager/executive.

  • Booking and arranging travel, transportation, and accommodations.

  • Organizing events and conferences.

  • Reminding the manager/executive of important scheduled events and deadlines.

  • Compiling, preparing, and typing reports, presentations, and correspondence.

  • Managing databases and filing systems.

  • Implementing and maintaining procedures/administrative systems.

  • Liaising with staff, suppliers, and clients.

  • Collating and filing expenses.

  • Conducting research.

  • Organizing the manager’s personal commitments including travel or childcare.


Higher-level tasks that may require more experienced candidates include:

  • Creating reports (Excel-based reports or PowerPoint presentations).

  • Developing and organizing company databases.

  • Creating office memos and official company forms or documents.

  • Handling projects and following up with task owners.

  • Taking on research activities.


Virtual assistant tools

Most virtual assistants have knowledge in:

  • MS Office: Outlook, Word, and Excel

  • MS PowerPoint, if preparing presentations is part of the role

  • Digital file-sharing tools such as Dropbox and Google Drive

  • Virtual communication systems such as Zoom, Skype, and Slack

  • Project management tools such as Asana and Trello

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