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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to outsourcing?

Outsourcing benefits include lower costs, increased efficiency, more consistent delivery, process standardization, better customer experience, flexibility,  and rapid scalability. Business process outsourcing helps fast-growing companies sustain growth and remain competitive.

How do I track employee hours?

We use for all our tracking and project organizational needs. Our employees are trained to track their time every 30 minutes so that you know exactly what they have worked on when you receive the bill.

What qualifications do your employees have?

At Femme Force, we only recruit female university students and  graduates. You choose the level of experience you want for your organization. All our employees hold or are completing an undergraduate and/or graduate degree. 


For skilled services like research and analytics, we recruit people who hold master's degrees in engineering, statistics, English literature, research, finance, and communication. We hire only qualified and experienced professionals to ensure that we provide our customers with quality solutions.

If I outsource to Femme Force, how will I be paying you?

Depends. If you are a Canadian company you can pay via cheque, PayPal, direct deposit or etransfer. If you are in the U.S. or elsewhere, PayPal or wire transfers can be used as a method of payment. We are working on crypto payments at the moment.

Can I cancel or change employees?

Absolutely. There is no contract. 

Do you have the adequate infrastructure and technology to support my business processes?

Yes. We use the very best and latest in software, technology, and infrastructure. By outsourcing you can save on investing on expensive software and technology, as we use the very best in both. All our offices have best-of-breed infrastructure.

How do I sign off on an agreement letter or work order?

We will send you all documentation to sign via and DocuSign.

If security and privacy concerns have stopped you from outsourcing, you can start with confidence at Femme Force, as we ensure security, privacy, & confidentiality at every level of the outsourcing process. We employ the very best in security measures to assure that our customers' confidential data are kept completely secure.

The following are some of the security measures used by  Femme Force:

  • We sign a non-disclosure agreement with the clients and a non-disclosure bond with our employees at the start of every project.

  • We have firewalls/VPN (Virtual Private Network) for inbound and outbound security.

  • Our systems do not have external storage devices (CD drives/USB ports).

  • All our systems and e-mails are password protected.

  • We have "anti-virus" software implemented at both server and client level.

  • Two-step verification is used on every computer. 

How about security at Femme Force?

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