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Technical Support

Looking for a female technical support specialist? Here is how we can help...

Today, more and more computer science and computer engineer specialists are more sought after than ever.  

Naturally, the level of expertise varies with experience. Our female Technical support specialists normally progress from entry level to subject matter experts, and this progression is often accelerated by Femme Force, who provides dedicated technical upskill training for candidates ready to move to the next level.

Here are some titles that our female technical support specialist have held: 

  • Data Management, Monitoring and Reporting Officer

  • IT/LAN manager

  • IT Specialist

  • ICT Officer/Computer Trainer

  • Municipal Information Management Specialist

Technical support tools

Technical support specialists tend to use tools developed internally by their employers – customer relationship management (CRM) tools, ticketing, incident reporting systems, and so on. Femme Force provides comprehensive training on the use of these tools, as well as communication platforms (e.g. phone hardware, chat, and email) during onboarding training. As remote tech support specialists, they primarily work with applications in the cloud so they can support you (and your customers) no matter where you’re located.

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